September was the first official month I started contributing to the family expenses. It's a modest $100 which I hope to grow that amount in time. Gave it out of the meagre tuition fees I make. It was a relatively comfortable amount, given that I was to receive Growth Dividend from the government.

Mom refuses to take the money and insisted I gave to Dad if I wanted to. Afterall, my tuition loans are yet to be paid.

"Better use what you have to pay back the bank," she said

I obliged. Dad received the money with a simple thanks. $100 is very little. But it could have gotten me some clothes or shoes. It was a symbolic moment, quite unlike a normal gift - it's the begining of financial responsibility. That moment, I had mixed feelings - it was a moment of joy found in giving, a revelation of the sacrifices Mom and Dad made over the last 23 years putting me through life and school and the reality of shouldering a financial responsiblity.

It was not a pleasant feeling of being able to give such a small amount. But I believe it is a good start. Honoring our parents is so important - what other better ways than to provide for them financially?

My siblings give a total of $1000 a month to my parents.Eldest sibling is married. Second sibling stays at home.I just graduated with a meagre $2,000 salary.In my shoes, how much will you give?

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