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1. I've got a job that pays S$2,000 a month (pathetic as a local uni grad, I know).

Take home pay: S$1,599 (after CPF deductions and $1 for CDAC contribution)

2. That Bloody $14,000 Loan now stands at $10,008 after close to a year of monthly installment payment. The Government's Resilience Package provided a one-year break from payment to the bank from 1st April 2009 - 31 March 2010. And it's interest free!

Decided to continue the payment nonetheless. Took that opportunity to lower the amount from $900 to $432 a month - to release cash for investment/gambling.

3. August 2009 will be the 6th and final $500/month installment I'm paying for my favourite Fujitsu laptop. Decided to return my mom the money she forked out during my university days, although she didn't explicitly request for it.

If you are wondering why I choose to return a liability rather than have cash on hand - it's because of a money principle I believe in:

Between being indebted to a financial instituition and a relationship, always choose a relationship over the bank. Because the burden of debt can strain a relationship, although your family/friends doesn't seem to mind it.

4. I have about $4,000 in my CPF OA now. Meagre as it is in tandem of my salary.
Not enough to put down as downpayment for a HDB, even with a partner.

5. Bought some US stocks in March, using about $200 cash I had. Sold in August close to 300% gain. Reinvested/gambled. Now trembling at the prospect of loosing the entire amount.

Cash invested in stock portfolio: $1,200
Overall present market value (18th August): $2,400

6. My Google Adsense, left alone for a while now, stands at $58.85. Not even enough to receive a check and pay for my webhosting (on my .com projects)

It's a little depressing looking at this. Will update again on expenses.


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